Monday, April 11, 2016

TV Premiere: Fear the Walking Dead (Season 2)

The Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead picks up the Sunday after the crazy finale of the sixth season of its predecessor series. Fear the Walking Dead has moved out to see Madison, Travis, Nick, Strand and the rest of the gang got onto Strand's boat Abigail to escape the collapsing of civilization in Los Angeles.

The series begins with explosions and the gang fleeing from a horde of zombies overthrowing a beach house. Chris Manawa played by Lorenzo James Henrie is still mourning the loss of his mother so he will be the first one to make some terrible decisions leading viewers to believe he is suicidal. He nearly gets them killed at the beginning trying to preserve his mother's body, though they had to hit it over the head with a rock to subdue her zombie reincarnation.

Nick Clark played by Frank Dillane is one of the main characters that anchors the series. He has come a long way from the heroine addict that couldn't get anyone to believe him about the oncoming apocalypse.

Travis Manawa played by Cliff Curtis is the troubled father of Chris who is trying to hold together his family as the world falls apart. The great Kim Dickens adds a great actress to this interesting family as the motherly figure. Alycia Debnam-Carey rounds out the family as the daughter who has a potential love interest that could actually be threatening over the radio. This show reiterates the threat of The Walking Dead showing that it is actually the people gone rogue who are the biggest threat for survivors.

Fear the Walking Dead mimics the slow burn of the early seasons of the Walking Dead. I am looking forward to the new threats this family will face. Victor Strand played by Colman Domingo is my favorite character of the series and the only one who realizes early what it will take to survive in this harsh new world. 

I think eventually there will be a lot of action but the first season did take a while to get going and didn't have much of a payoff. I hold out hope for this series as it should gain enough viewership to get going for a few more years and up the game dramatically!

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