Sunday, April 10, 2016

Politics: Wyoming Democratic Caucus and Colorado delegates

The presidential race will continue on with both candidates trailing in the delegates got a few more supporters to head to the convention with in July.
The Wyoming caucus like many of the midwest caucuses went to Bernie Sanders adding another victory round of winnings. Wyoming won't add enough delegates to allow Sanders to take the lead over Hillary Clinton but it adds to his momentum as he heads into a bigger challenge, New York. So far Clinton leads in the polls but if Sanders pulls off a surprise then it would change the Democratic race. After New York, several more states in the Northeast vote, which might help Sanders but most likely Clinton. Sanders is holding out for the West coast.
I'm totally sure how this works but Ted Cruz picked up delegates from Colorado after a vote this Saturday. Apparently voters were not choosing a candidate and all of this comes down to the delegates that will play a part in the convention vote. Cruz had more of a chance that Sanders on the other side because he has a bit more support from the establishment. Still Donald Trump has the lead and should pick up more next Tuesday in New York.

Currently according to CNN, the delegate count is at 746 for Trump, 538 for Cruz, and 145 for John Kasich. No candidate is getting enough to win outright before the convention. Clinton is up on Sander 1790 to 1113. A quick updates on the state of the race, and I'll be back next week to analyze the New York primary!

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