Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Politics: Wisconsin Primary

The Democrat and Republicans of Wisconsin vote this evening and both parties decided to support the candidates trailing in the delegate count. Ted Cruz won the Republican primary, and Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary. Both candidates came out with hopeful speeches and laid out the ways that they could possibly win if they continue to win with a nearly impossible amount of delegates. At this point both candidates are hoping for brokered conventions and wouldn't it be interesting if that happened on both sides of the political aisle.

Wisconsin kicks a new month of politics where attention has dropped due to the races pretty much considered over. Sanders and Cruz have a tough fight ahead of them and their speeches seem to pretty much be in denial about their actual prospects. Wisconsin gives them hopes and some delegates to continue forward. 

Bernie Sanders continues to emphasize the importance of momentum in this campaign. He chose Wyoming as the state to give the speech choosing that as his next battleground. He also mentioned that he would be moving forward to the Western states where he could pick up even more delegates.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did not bother to give speeches tonight. They both are preparing for tough battles in New York. I think Clinton will have a tougher time than Trump because Cruz has already insulted New York at a debate. Clinton was Senator of the state once and should get the vote but it would really be interesting if Sanders pulled off that victory.

This was a small primary so I'll leave it as a small post. I'll try to check in on Saturday for the Republican Colorado vote and Democratic Wyoming vote. Politics may have fallen out of the spotlight but I will continue blogging into the general election.

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