Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Politics: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut Primaries

From what I've read or seen or heard, this election is a unique one, and for me, it is an interesting one to start writing about as a new blogger. I didn't know what to name this Tuesday so I just stuck with naming all the states that held primaries today.

Rhode Island is a very small state with not a lot of delegates but it is the only state that Bernie Sanders won tonight. I think this spells the end of his campaign. He may continue on his campaign but it is over. I would be surprised if he suspended it but he also wants to get those votes in the West that are still waiting to cast ballots. On the other side, Rhode Island is just the beginning for Donald Trump.

Pennsylvania is the biggest state voting tonight and it went for the frontrunners in both parties. Hillary Clinton took her childhood state and Donald Trump added to his sweep for the night.

Maryland was another big state relative to the states that were voting tonight and it also went for the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Delaware did not break from the mold and also chose Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee and Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Connecticut was the last state to call it but nothing interesting here, Clinton and Trump.

And so these votes only confirm what I have already known as I have followed these campaign elections since the early debate, Clinton and Trump will be the nominees but their opponents will not give up the fight so easily. I don't expect any concession speeches any time soon but it would allow the two frontrunners to turn towards each other and face off for the highest office in the nation.

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