Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Politics: New York Primary

No surprises in New York as the frontrunners in both parties take victories and add to their delegate leads. Donald Trump gave a victory speech first thanking his home state and promising to continue forward toward a possible contested convention. His victory makes it impossible for any other candidate to win the nomination but Ted Cruz was not going to drop out after a New York defeat. John Kasich is still hanging around for the attention or a possible Vice Presidential nomination.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders. Clinton maintains a victory in her home state of which she was a senator for eight years. Sanders hoped for an upset but a good showing is all he can take away with when the polls close. Clinton took a dominant win and got all the attention to try to woo back Sanders supporters and make her pitch for the general election.

There are still plenty of states left to vote in primaries and caucuses but the frontrunners have pulled ahead. Trump vs. Clinton is the safe bet and that is when the race will really get unpredictable though I think Clinton is the sure bet in that faceoff.

Sanders, Cruz, and Kasich will hold out until the convention giving them more power as they give up their delegates over to Trump or Clinton this summer. The West coast will turn into a battle ground for the remaining delegates and there is still a chance that the Republican convention could be contested so the votes in states like California, Washington, and Oregon could still have consequences for the political future.

New York signals a change in the race as the math determines that only the frontrunners have a chance to win enough delegates. The race will lose a lot of attention over the next two months but will reignite when Trump and Clinton race against each other in the fall!

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