Thursday, April 14, 2016

Politics: Democratic Presidential Debate #9 Brooklyn Debate

The Brooklyn Debate was by far the most contentious debate between the two democratic candidates. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton went back and forth on their liberal credentials on all the issues from gun control, to Wall Street, to Israel, to abortion, to global warming. Sanders accused Clinton of not being liberal enough while Clinton accused Sanders of not having any solutions for the proposals he promises in his campaign speeches.

Hillary Clinton holds a commanding lead in the delegate count and is leading in the polls for the upcoming election in New York. However, Clinton found herself on the defensive throughout the debate as she had to answer for past politically savvy decisions and tough choices in regards to foreign policy and the limitation of crime. Clinton managed to get several attacks against Sanders pushing hard on his record against the banning of guns, his position on Palestine, and his inability to make concrete proposals for his promise to break up the banks. She dodged questions about her paid speeches to Wall Street banks and pivoted to the general election attacking Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders refuses to give up the fight reiterating that he will win the nomination as he continues forward. He promoted his recent wins and disregarded Clinton's wins in the Deep South. He attacked Hillary on her position on fracking, though she pointed out that Natural Gas is a bridge. He also pushed back on her previous votes for the Iraq War and the money she received from banks. Sanders promises to continue to winning as the elections head West, and it will be interesting to see if he can follow through on this fight.

With Sanders coming off a tough New York interview and making bold statements about Clinton's qualifications, the debate promised to show the candidates clashing more than ever and while there was contention, the agreement were larger than the conflict. The excitement has just been so ratcheted up on the other side that even as these candidates argue, it's nothing to the ridiculousness of Trump and Ted Cruz. 

I believe that Clinton will win in New York and go on to take the nomination but Sanders certainly added an interesting twist to a campaign that could have not contained much excitement. I have stuck with this whole political race from the early debates when there were actually five candidates so I am looking forward to a final decision for who will take the Democratic nomination! 

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