Friday, April 1, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: Final Four

The culmination of March Madness begins tomorrow night with the final four teams in the tournament facing off for a chance to play in the final game on Monday night. The final four teams left are a great example of top teams and one cinderella story that still has a chance to add surprises to the final two games.

The first game tomorrow night is between Villanova Wildcats and the Oklahoma Sooners, both 2 seeds.
Villanova was a team that I doubted from the beginning. I initially had them going out against Iowa in the second round. I just thought they were overrated as a second place team and clearly I was wrong. They have to beat 7 seed Iowa, 3 seed Miami, and 1 seed Kansas to get to where they are now. The Wildcats dominated in the first three games winning by nearly over twenty. They faced their toughest challenge against the Kansas Jayhawks but grabbed the upset to move forward.

The Oklahoma Sooners were the team that I actually picked to make it to the final four. I managed to guess correctly who they would face along the way from 10 seed VCU to 3 seed Texas A&M and finally 1 seed Oregon for an upset. The Sooners did not look as strong as Villanova but I could argue their schedule was a bit tougher. I am picking Oklahoma to advance over Villanova.

The second game late at night is between two ACC teams who both beat another team from their conference to move forward. The 1 seed University of North Carolina Tar Heels have had a dominant performance but faced some of the weaker teams in their path to Houston.
UNC earned their easy path to the final four by having one of the top records in the league and winning the ACC tournament. This streak has paid off with opponents like 9 seed Providence, 5 seed Indiana, and their ACC opponent Notre Dame. This streak was no easy feat but their toughest challenge will be Syracuse. 
Syracuse has been the most surprising team in this tournament moving up from the 10 seed to where they are now. Syracuse upset 7 seed Dayton with a huge win then were lucky to have to face 15 seed Middle Tennessee who messed up tons of brackets by upsetting Michigan State. Syracuse struggled but triumphed against 11 seed Gonzaga then had a tremendous comeback against 1 seed UVA. Syracuse is a wild card in this tournament but I'm sticking with UNC to play in the championship.

The championship game is on Monday night, and I'm excited to see whatever matchup plays out to end this exciting tournament!

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