Monday, April 4, 2016

Sports: NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship

My first year blogging my picks for the NCAA tournament has shown how terrible I am at picking which basketball teams will win but I had a whole lot of fun watching the brackets play out. I could not have hoped for a better game than the nail-biter that I just witnessed between Villanova and UNC. 

The Wildcats had a steady lead but then lost it right near the end making for some breath-taking shots from both teams. It was the type of game that will go down in history and played as reel with some inspirational music to remind fans why they love sports like this. It will take me a while to go back over and analyze where I went wrong and what exactly happened through the whole tournament but I wanted to leave my reading with the mess that is my blog bracket. 

Well, there is my awful choices and anyone can see how many choices it took and I still didn't get it right. I thought I had a few good streaks but in the end it is overall not very impressive. I didn't realize that I was actually totally wrong about UNC win streak and I had Villanova out so early it's embarrassing. 

I had a great time watching and I'm already looking forward to doing it all over again next year!

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