Sunday, April 3, 2016

NBA March 2016

As college basketball gained all the attention of the last month, the NBA teams have slowly separated out on whether they will play in the playoffs or not. I'm going to do a quick count of who is in so far and take a look at who else is still fighting to survive.

Eastern Conference
The Cleveland Cavaliers are the top team in this conference with Lebron James resting up for a big run in the NBA Playoffs. 

Only three games back, the Toronto Raptors are most likely the second place team to make it to the playoffs. The Raptors are the most likely team to challenge the Cavaliers for a chance to win it all.

The Charlotte Hornets are further down but have managed to get over the Atlanta Hawks for third place. I am going to be watching them closely as they have taken the place of my favorite team.

The Hawks took the Cavs to overtime recently but couldn't manage to get a win. This performance is typical for Atlanta sports and will most likely be similar to their playoff performance, a strong showing but not coming away with a win.

The four teams currently in the running for the final four playoffs spots in the east are the Miami Heat (already clinched), the Boston Celtics, Detroit Pistons, and Indiana Pacers. The Celtics should clinch soon and the only challenge for the Pistons and Pacers are the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. I'm not sure even of these first two out teams stand a chance but these last two weeks could deal some surprises.

Western Conference

The Golden State Warriors have dominated once again and are searching for a repeat of their great performance last year. 

The San Antonio Spurs are the greatest challenger to the Warriors and the Western Conference finals are going to be a great set of games between these two competitive teams.

The Oklahoma City Thunder could change the narrative as they have moved up past the Los Angeles Clippers. With Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, this team could bring surprises.

The Los Angeles Clippers are another powerful team in this excellent conference but I'm not sure how far they will go against the top three teams. Blake Griffin has returned but will still get some rest before the playoffs. 

The final four teams in as of now are the Memphis Grizzlies, Portland Trail Blazers, Dallas Mavericks, and Utah Jazz. The only other team that could enter are the Houston Rockets. I like to root for the Grizzlies but this conference is a tough one!

The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner. This has not only been just a great time to watch basketball but sports in general have been extra exciting!

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