Thursday, April 28, 2016

Movie Review: Keanu

A cat comedy with Key and Peele had me hooked from both the concept and the actors. I enjoyed Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele's eponymous Comedy Central show so it is cool they are getting a chance to make movies. I can see that a kitten would be a difficult animal to work with but they pulled it off. Keanu is funny, action-packed, and has a very cute kitty running around throughout.

There are some slow parts to Keanu and like most comedies, the plot is lacking, but overall it is an enjoyable time at the theater, especially if you are a fan of kittens like I am. Key and Peele play to average dudes, Peele's Rell is a stoner who is depressed because he just broke up with his girlfriend and Key's Clarence is a humble father whose wife leaves to go on a trip with their daughter and another man. Rell finds Keanu, the cute kitten on his doorstep, after the kitty escaped from a deadly drug hit. The rock-paper-scissor playing hitmen are also played by the comedians.

Method Man plays the evil gangster villain Cheddar with his usual toughness who the two men encounter after being referred to him by the always funny Will Forte as Hulka the pot dealer. Tiffany Haddish plays Cheddar's sidekick and she out toughs everyone on the screen with her skulking, easy to murder character Hi-C. 

Other actors include Jason Mitchell, Nia Long, and Luis Guzman, all funny in their parts. The kitten didn't get as much screen time as I would've liked but was cute when onscreen and I can understand the complications of directing a baby feline. The action was interesting but in no way is this a true action movie settling more for laughs and slow-mo gunplay then going all out as an action film.

The loses track in the middle as the gang goes on missions and the reality is a stretch, but that is nothing unique to the genre. It is clear they adapted the screenplay from another idea to include the kitten as its presence in the plot seemed forced at time. Overall Keanu is a decent, cute movie that I give six out of ten. I'm excited to see what Key and Peele have in store next! 

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