Thursday, April 21, 2016

Movie Review: Hush

This Netflix horror film about a deaf writer being stalked by a killer won't see a cinema release. The film relied on sound a lot with the intense premise that the killer could simply stalk around the house without being heard by the protagonist. Kate Siegel stars as Maddie, a YA writer who hopes to find some peace and solace to writer her second novel. The voices in her head can't decide on an ending. 

Maddie's only company out in the woods is her cat and a neighbor trying to communicate her with broken sign language. The neighbor is the first victim of the derange killer who hunts down residents. John Gallagher Jr. who recently starred in 10 Cloverfield Lane plays the killer. He had a pretty spooky mask but they dispose of that a bit too early to inspire much horror. He never had a clear motivation which made his character lack depth and reduced the fright he could cause as well

The movie follows a typical horror plot with some decent scares throughout but most of the surprises are pretty obvious. The plot avoids reliance on jump scares but pushes the deafness gimmick. A sequence near the end plays of the characters decision to write seven different ending for her story helped the plot end well but the movie all boils to not that much. Director Mike Flanagan has made some decent horror flicks in the past including Oculus.

Hush couldn't really hit its stride but I did like the twist on a simple home invasion movie. The mask at the beginning did generate some brief scares but the movie lets the viewers off too easy without scaring the view enough. Still this movie was a decent enough horror for a night of Netflix. 

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