Sunday, April 10, 2016

Movie Review: Hardcore Henry

The first person shooter film Hardcore Henry takes a very new approach to action. The movie begins with a memory then wakes up with Henry being revived by his wife Estelle played by Haley Bennett. Viewers quickly learn that Henry is not totally human but mostly a robot. He is almost immediately pursued by a warlord played by Danila Kozlovsky. Akan the warlord has the power to lift people and throw objects around, which is never really explained but a cool effect nonetheless.

All sorts of weird science stuff goes on without much of an explanation like Sharlto Copley's character who keeps mysteriously giving Henry instructions that he follows without question. These instructions lead Henry all over Russia where he almost always encounters crazy guys with guns. Copley's characters were definitely a highlight of the film and added humor to the dialogue. I've enjoyed Copley in numerous films most notably Neil Blomkamp's films.

The movie does not hold back on violence with Henry killing people in all sorts of ways and not holding back. I found some of the action a bit confusing from the first person perspective but the gimmick didn't get old too quickly and the plot moved fast enough that each new action sequences held something worth watching.

I don't think this will catch on for most movies mostly because the motion could be sickening to some viewers and it is not conducive to storytelling hence most of the rough plot. I do think that this form of action could serve a person for major scenes of movies and I look forward to where the technology will take film!

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