Sunday, April 10, 2016

Movie Review: The Boss

Melissa McCarthy continues her comedic rise with the funny and cute film, The Boss. The story revolves around McCarthy's character Michelle Darnell as she tries to rebuild her financial empire after being accused of insider trading. McCarthy embodies the crude business woman who is a female version of Donald Trump.

There are plenty of one-liners and physical comedy gags. McCarthy throws herself around for laughs falling down steps and getting thrown by the sofa bed. The plot doesn't have that much clever points to it, just sort of follows a typical story about being alone and involves a pseudo girl scout cookie entrepreneurship program that help Darnell get back to the top.

One incredibly funny part was Renault or Ronald played by Peter Dinklage as the rival corporate owner. Dinklage takes his acting chops and adds them to the ridiculous wannabe samurai. 

Kristen Bell plays Claire, a single mother and the assistant to Michelle Darnell. Claire takes in Darnell after she is released from prison and through the help of Rachel, Claire's daughter played by Ella Anderson, they get back into the game.

There isn't much more to this comedy than McCarthy's great presence on screen but that carries it far enough to be an enjoyable experience. The movie did good enough to beat Batman v Superman in its third weekend and Hardcore Henry in its opening. I am looking forward to McCarthy's return to the screen in Ghostbusters this summer!

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