Thursday, April 28, 2016

KY Lottery #2: 10x the CASH

I took the free took I left off with and went out to the gas station full of hopes, prayers, and positive energy. I don't think playing scratch-off tickets will be a life changing experience but maybe writing about will be fun so I went for round two. 

The first ticket that we bought had a scratch on the back and a scratch on the front. Both of these scratches yielded five dollars turning my free five dollar ticket into ten dollars. I had doubled my money and like any good gambler, was not about to let my streak go. I decided to pick up another cash multiplier but only for five dollars and to put the extra five dollars I had one away to call it a saving to add to the hundred I am willing to spend on this venture.

The next ticket was one of the first in a role and it turned out to have a lot more money on it than I would have thought. After all the scratching was done we had earned fifty dollars putting us in the bonus of fifty five dollars. Of course the streak had to continue.

The third ticket of the night gave us back ten dollars and that is where I will pause for the night. I should go back soon to keep playing this addicting scratch-off game. But as of now I am up fifty five dollars because I will take the five from that ten and put it back into another ticket to keep this experiment going.

Our new rule is that when we hit the bottom, as in if we pay for a ticket tomorrow or whenever we play again and it is a loser, then we'll take a break for a week. That way I can't just burn out on this lottery thing in a matter of days and find myself broke and unlucky. Right now I'm on a streak but that is just how they get you caught up in the game and keep you donating more money to education and false hope. 

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