Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KY Lottery #1: Pay Me!

I've realized that I probably won't make it on my wits alone, and I will never be a rich person so I've decided to explore something I was always interesting in, Luck. After all, Donald Trump could be the Republican nominee for president so the world is going to get pretty crazy in the next few months and it will be nice to have some money. I'm not fooling myself and actually believing that I'll make any money played the lottery but as a writer a part of me has to believe in fiction or a fantasy of some sort to drive me. My Kickstarter is a non-starter and my Patreon is patronless, and I also lost another opportunity to make money but I won't get into that on this blog.

Today we started out with five dollars, a safe amount that won't break the bank. I'm willing to waste a hundred dollars on this experiment and after that I'll pretty much realize that I'm not a lucky person and quit playing altogether. I also want to see if there are trends that are possibly predictive and find out if it is just me that is causing the problem. If I can, I'd like to interview other lottery players and find out what they think, if they believe in superstitions, have ever won, and other interesting happenings.

I'm in Kentucky due to a lot of poor choice of my own doing so I'll be played the Kentucky Lottery scratch off tickets. I'll also focus mainly on scratch off tickets. I had always wanted to do this as mockumentary of sorts but I never could get anyone to hold a camera or act alongside me so I'll use my little platform here to test this experiment. Maybe one day I can film some of these scratch-offs, like I said "dreamer".

Well, wish me luck. For day one, and I don't think I'll do this everyday, I start with the aforementioned five dollars. We bought the PAY ME! tickets from two separate gas stations. Our first five dollar ticket revealed another five dollars, so we broke even. No stopping there! We got another ticket and scratched it off in anticipation hoping for positive vides and won a....free ticket!

We'll use this free ticket to kick off day two and call it a day to break even. I would like to note that at one of the gas stations, it was advertised that they had given out a $10,000 winner but this may just be clever advertising. I think, at the least, this will be a humorous experience to look back on!

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