Sunday, April 10, 2016

ConGlomeration 2016

This weekend, I headed out to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the interactive sci-fi and fantasy convention, ConGlomeration. I wasn't sure what to expect but found this convention to be full of avid fans, writers, readers, cosplayers, larpers, and all sorts of interesting art and games.

The gaming room was one of the first places I visited on Friday night and found it packed with active gamers playing all sorts of interactive board and card games. The gaming went on for 24 hours a day while the convention lasted. I thought it was very interesting and I am definitely interest in playing more games in the future. I liked how they had schedules where players could sign up to meet and host larger groups of gamers. 

Another room I encountered was the live action role playing group hosting a zombie fight. The organization Dystopian Rising showed off their awesome collection of weapons and costumes and were welcoming newcomers to join their group. I have always wanted to be part of some immersive live action role play, or LARP, and found this group to be very interesting. I hope to check out some of their events in Kentucky in the future.

We got their a bit late so I missed the dealer on Friday but caught it Saturday morning, and found there was so much to look at that I could spend hours perusing each stand looking at the amazing talent and craftsmanship of artist all over the region. I really enjoyed the artwork and it was so inspiring for my creativity. The book sellers were few but some of my favorite publications stopped by. I also liked looking at all the costumes, t-shirts, and accessories for sale. 

I caught a few of the author and publishing track panels and learned some very interesting tips as I move forward into the writing and publishing industry. I was happy to hear Geoffrey Girard speak about his experience submitting as I have enjoyed several of his horror/sci-fi stories in Apex Magazine.

Speaking of Apex, I managed to make it to a very cool low-key part on one of the top floor for the book release of First Communion by Geoffrey Girard. I picked up a signed copy and also got a copy of I Can Transform You by Maurice Broaddus signed. I've read several of Broaddus's stories including Pimp My Airship and The Magical Negro, which will be in an upcoming anthology that twists the tropes. I look forward to reading both the books I got signed and posting reviews on here. 

Overall I had a great time at ConGlomeration 2016 and I hope they continue to host this fun event in years to come as I will be highly likely to attend again!

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