Friday, April 29, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 4

I'm so close. I had hoped that I could post my winner badge here but I haven't quite yet made it. April has today and tomorrow left and I have to put down something like eight thousand more words. I delved into some short story ideas just spit-balling ideas out there that might work later on for the words. I should focus on these last two nights and get it done. I think on these slower months a goal of thirty thousand was a bit much. I would most likely aim for twenty thousand on my next attempt but I like to challenge myself.

My plot has gone of the rails with some scenes dragging out because I could think of nowhere else to go so I just added more description and other parts moving by in a blur because I didn't have the time to think them out. I think I may have taken a wrong turn for one of the major characters and put them in a situation that is a bit too easy, so I'll have to make it tougher for them in the final sprint.

If I don't make it, I probably won't post but if I somehow struggle through and put  down the amount of words I had anticipated, then I'll post a few celebratory remarks. If I fail, I'd rather just forget it. I should feel happy that I wrote anything at all since the first few months of this year have been stagnant for my fiction writing. One of the biggest distractions to my writing is reading, so many books and so little time.

I'm also excited that I decided to include these short stories because they are something that I've wanted to be working on for a while and I hope to whip them into shape over the next few months. The first step is to get the concept down and even if they don't turn into publishable material, they may inform a piece of fiction later. I've got writing to do!

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