Friday, April 15, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 2

This month of writing continues with the second week gone and the gap between my actual production and my goal growing wider. I managed to have a large output at the start of the week using caffeine and enthusiasm and I hope for a resurgence this weekend but I will need to steadily push past my goals to get to my desired thirty thousands words by May 1st. 

A thousand words a day shouldn't be that difficult, but I find myself writing about writing, reading, and blogging about others things like movies, politics, and sports rather than working on my fiction. The worst part is that my low output all week has led me to lose track of the story in my head, and it takes me a bit longer to get back into the rhythm of writing when I start up each night. 

I have also not done a great job of separating out time to write. I haven't attended any write-ins and even had to cancel one at a local coffee shop. My most productive time was at an impromptu write-in at my favorite coffee house so I should set up a few more of those as the final two weeks approach. 

I am hoping that as the impending deadline looms, I can use that for motivation. I'm not totally please with what I've written so far but it does help me flesh out some ideas and at least if I delete it later, I will have learned something about the characters and a path I won't take the next time I attempt to write this novel.

I'm having a pretty fun time overall and I can't wait to participate in the upcoming months on another Camp NaNoWriMo. I think they have one in June similar to the month I partook in last year. Any extra help motivating me to write is always welcome even if I don't go all in every time. I am really looking forward to the official month in November and have already started planning a new idea!

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