Friday, April 8, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Week 1

The first week of April sped by but I managed to put down about five thousand words through the busy days of the week. I'm behind on my pace of a thousand words a day but I usually start slow when writing in Camp and make up for it when the pressure of a deadline bears down on me. I won't have much time this weekend since I am attending CONglomeration, a writing convention in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The real challenge that I take on for Camp these past two years has been to add to a novel already in the work. This challenge makes it difficult for me because I have already had some editing done and the first few chapters are a little better quality than the spew of words I throw out in the fast pace of the writing month. I have to remember certain things I already said and try to cooperate early plot points into what I'm writing now instead of just starting with a fresh slate on day one. 

Another difficulty I've noticed is that with a lower word count goal, I believe that I will achieve my goal with ease, which makes me write less and find excuses much more convincing than if I had a large word count looming. Still the 30k should be manageable.

The writing is coming along but one thing that often stalls me once I get into a strong thread of words is the names of angels and demons. I've used placeholder names and referred to character from which direction they come, like the angel on the left or the demon in front, but eventually I just started throwing letters together to make some angel and demon names. I've also utilized a name generator site to make a list for future characters I might need. I'm often please with names that I have to force myself to come up with on the spot. 

Camp NaNoWriMo is in full swing. I hope to participate in more of the planned write-ins and setup a few impromptu ones as the end of the month approaches. This month isn't as stressful as November but I still appreciate the extra push to write some fiction!

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