Friday, March 11, 2016

Video Game Review: Titanfall

I love this game. It is my favorite game that has come out on Xbox One so far. Titanfall is amazing and Respawn Entertainment did a brilliant job with the development with this game. I am the kind of gamer that likes to spend a long time with a game and it is only rarely that I play a game I love so much that I am still playing it two years after its initial release date in the United States.

Titanfall is great because there are multiple different ways to play this game and none of them ever get dull or boring. As a player begins, they are a pilot. Playing as a pilot mimics the classic first person multiplayer shooters with a plethora of primary weapons to choose from as skill and ranking increase. My personal favorite was the R-101C Carbine, a full-auto assault weapon with a holosight and suppressor added to it.  I also enjoyed the EVA-8 shotgun, the R-97 Compact submachine gune, and the SpitFire Light Machine Gun. The smart pistol MK5 is really unique because it tracks enemies and deals curving head shots once locked on to a target.

A pilot is also equipped with an Anti-Titan weapon which is a giant gun used to fight the giant Titans that roam around the maps. My personal favorite anti-titan weapon was the Sidewinder. I never much used the sidearms but stuck with the B3 Wingman when times got rough.

The tactical ability is a cool feature. A pilot can either use a cloak that make them invisible like Predator, a stim which allows them to move fast, or my favorite, an active radar pulse that allows a pilot to see any movement around them, very helpful in a difficult situation.

An ordinance also come which is a grenade or a satchel charge, which was my most recent use. All of these are convenient when outnumbered or needing a distraction in a close fight.

After playing as the pilot a countdown allows a player to call in a titan for the titular Titanfall. This is an awesome sequence where a massive robot similar to a Transformer falls to the sky. A pilot can choose to either board the Titan and play inside it in the third person or let it fight alongside him as an auto-titan.

Titan get a powerful primary weapon that can obliterate opponents. I like the X0-15 Chaingun. A tactical ability allow the titan to have a vortex shield, emit electric smoke, or set up a particle wall to shield against attacks. The ordinance is an even more powerful rocket or missile that is useful in battle against other titans.

There are so many levels and the extra maps are free now so any gamer looking for a great deal should definitely check this game out. The campaign is not too focused on story since this is primarily an online multi-player game but there are plenty of versions from attrition to hardpoint to capture the flag to last titan standing and there is also a variety pack to test out all the game types.

If you are a fan of shooters and haven't tried this game, then you are missing out on the most fun a console can deliver. When the battles begin the chaos can get out of control and everyone has to admit it has some awesome graphics and controls once they rodeo their first titan and perform brain surgery on it!

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