Thursday, March 10, 2016

TV Show Review: Man Seeking Woman Season 2

Man Seeking Woman wrapped up its second season yesterday and there were a lot of laughs in Josh Greenberg's attempts to date various women around New York City. Played with goofy charm by Jay Baruchel, Josh has a lot of trouble and it turns into ridiculously over the top situations involving superpowers, Santa Claus, and even more outrageous scenarios. 

This season focused mainly around Josh's crush of a new coworker, Rosa, played charmingly by Rosa Salazar. Josh does everything from trying to kiss her at the end of the world to cloning her to win her affection. Through extreme circumstances this show addresses crazy dating situations like what to text a girl after the first date and how to know if a girl is just a friend or something more.

Eric Andre plays Mike, Josh's best friend, and he has some great spots like trying to get Josh to hangout when he has a girlfriend negotiating with his lawyers and even battling with a giant robot suit.

Based on the novel The Last Girlfriend on Earth by Simon Rich, this show has captured the travails of dating in a very unique and funny way. I hope to get around to reading the book soon. This show has so much potential and I am already looking forward to next season!

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