Thursday, March 10, 2016

TV Show Review: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 11

The Gang returns for their eleventh season, and my favorite comedy television show continues to deliver with great gags and hilarious comedic performance. This year the gang went all over the place from a cruise to a ski vacation and even the suburbs. 

The timing is always great and I really enjoy how the situations get even more outrageous. The debate about what art is was especially hilarious. Frank played by the hilarious Danny Devito had an entire episode from his perspective and it was so funny to see what Frank is up to, he is nearly indestructible. 

Charlie Day's Charlie caught a leprechaun and practices bird law. His illiterate janitor always takes ridiculous approaches to situations but somehow. Mac, Dennis, and Dee attempted to get rich in various ways and also tried to relax but of course their insane personalities never allow them to get ahead.

This show has achieved some amazing milestones with running for eleven season and they will continue on to a twelfth, I believe. Through all the years, I have really enjoyed this show and will enjoy revisiting the gang and all their absurd adventures one day. If you like comedy and haven't check this out, I would highly recommend it!

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