Wednesday, March 30, 2016

TV Premiere: The Path

Hulu has entered the original programming fray with two new series, The Path and 11.22.63. The thriller series 11.22.63 is based on the Stephen King novel of the same title and stars James Franco. It is pretty good, and I'll have a review of the entire series next week after the finale. The Path just started up and the first two episodes were released to introduce us the Meiyerism cult.

This cult show stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad branching back into his successful medium after a few attempts to enter into movies. Paul isn't expect to lead a show alone without a master actor like Breaking Bad but is supported by other stars of television. Hugh Dancy and Michelle Monaghan back him up as other members of the cult.

Aaron Paul plays Eddie Lane, a former drug addict who has converted to the new cult, utilizing his skill as an actor. After a ayahuasca trip, he is enlightened to the truth and decides to expose the cult as a fraud. He is quickly discovered by his wife Sarah played by Monaghan who is much more serious about the cult.

Dancy plays the leader of the cult who wants to push it further. He is seen helping people from a disaster and beating up men who abuse helpless people. He is charismatic and this role provides interesting fodder for the actor after his success in the Hannibal series. There is even an interesting cameo from Emma Greenwell who plays Mandy in Shameless as a new convert. 

The Path shows promise and with the freedom of streaming this could be some interesting television. The premise is intriguing and the acting looks compelling. I look forward to watching more episodes each week as it is released to see how it turns out!

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