Monday, March 21, 2016

Movie Review: Man of Steel

I'm so excited for the big showdown of Batman v Superman this weekend and really all the superheroes facing off this year. So to get myself pumped for the new movie, I'm going to look back at a few previous films. I would love to go all the way back to the early batman and superman movies but I will have to save that for when the movie is released for home viewing since I don't have the older films and I'm waiting to get them.

I'm starting with the one that is truly connected to the DC Comics universe that will play right into the the Batman v Superman in Man of Steel. From what I've learned of the commercial, the events of Man of Steel are the cause of all the battling. I am glad I took a quick refreshers since I've only seen this movie a few times and it still feels really new to me.

This new iteration of Superman is bogged down with many of the origin story stuff that most first superhero stories have to go through to finally get to the action. Fortunately in Man of Steel, there is an awesome sequence with Russell Crowe as Jor-El, Superman's real father, flying through Krypton as the planet begins to fail and he has to eject his natural born son.

The plot slows down in the middle as it flashes through flashbacks of Clark Kent's young life in Kansas. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane play Clark's adoptive parents who encourage him to keep his power concealed. It also tells the tale of Clark's adult self searching for some answers. he discovers a crash landed ship that kicks of the second half of the plot. I thought the super suit looked pretty cool, which is tough considering the makeup of Superman's outfit. Henry Cavill was a great casting choice for the all-American superhero. 

I thought it was a strange casting choice to choose Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She's a great actress but I didn't see her as the intrepid reporters from previous iterations and comic books. Her storyline was probably one of the weakest parts and the chemistry of the romance seemed nonexistent. I liked Laurence Fishburne as the editor of the Daily Planet, Perry White. His part showed what it was like on the ground during the destruction of Metropolis. 

I found the action really cool when Superman starts to fly and especially when the aliens land under the command of General Zod, played viciously by the great Michael Shannon. I really enjoyed how they slammed and flew through Smallville with destruction and awesome special effects throughout. 

The final battle was full of amazing imagery that was loud and action-packed, very fun to watch. I was overall pleased with the final action scenes and I've seen much worse as far as disaster in movies. I think that they will follow this action film with a great sequel that will kick off a whole new awesome universe of superheroes!

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