Thursday, March 3, 2016

Self-Funding on Kickstarter and Patreon!

Hello avid reader, 

I'm pleased to announce that I have started a small Kickstarter campaign to help keep my constant posts going and add even more awesome to my blog. I am trying to add in Music Album Reviews and keep up my short fiction magazine reviews adding a few more if I can get the funding. My blog has been going well and has grown exponentially.

I am a big fan of self-funding and if this option proves successful then I will continue to grow this blog adding a guest blog post once a week and doing an author highlight each month. I would also like to attend more events and give a unique perspective to conventions, concerts, comedy shows, and more!

I really appreciate the support and will report back on my success and the experience at the end of the funding period, which is at the beginning of May.

Another source of funding I am testing out is Patreon. With this site, I can receive a monthly funding to continue the blog long into the future. If you want to continuously fund awesome reviews and information then this would be the place to do it. I will be giving full feedback on how this process works as well.

I've always wanted a place where I could go for a quick, not time consuming read that would give me the pertinent information and allow me to return to my day. Unfortunately the current state of media and website relies on misdirection. I hope to bring even more insight to my writing for example with March Madness coming up, I want to give in-depth analysis of each conference tournament before the national tournament gets underway. I cannot do this without your help though I will certainly try. I am also trying desperately to keep up with the fast developments of this crazy presidential campaign and I hope to give a cool new look at it.

Thank you all for you support in helping achieve a helpful form of self-expression and informative writing. I'll post the links below just click on them or paste them into your browser to go and support my blog. 



Thanks again,

Blogger Stephen E. Williams 

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