Saturday, March 12, 2016

Politics: Wyoming and D.C. Republican Primaries and Others

Not to be forgotten but Wyoming had a primary, or maybe a a caucus, actually it's county conventions, whatever the hell that means. Most politicos are not paying much attention to this convention and the fact that Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump means very little.

Marco Rubio also won within the Washington beltway and whatever area around it that votes in the D.C. convention. I think this victory will only work against him considering the narrative.

The other votes were in United States territories that should be made into states in my opinion. I'd sure like to visit them. The only Democratic vote this weekend was the Northern Mariana Islands and they went for Clinton. 

Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands have not voted yet for a Republican candidate but I'm not sure the delegate won from these election will sway the scale in any pertinent direction. 

I am also using this post to make some predictions for the next big votes on Tuesday. I'm going with Trump in Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, and Ohio to seal the deal. Cruz may get a victory in Missouri. I think Clinton will win Florida and Illinois but Sanders will pull out victories in Ohio and Missouri. This will allow the frontrunners to pull away but some of the contenders to keep in the race!

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