Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Politics: Western Tuesday

Three states voted for the Democrats and two voted for the Republicans with a mixture of caucus and primary in these Western states. Utah, Idaho, and Arizona are coming late to the game when the race is nearly over and the runners up are lagging just far enough behind to not have a chance but still not drop out just yet. A lot of weird stuff was going in the political sphere tonight plus awful terrorist attacks in Belgium this morning so it is a lot to take in.

Arizona was the only state to be declared for candidates at a moderate time in the night as all of these states are operating in a much later time zone than myself. I should've gone to bed after seeing these but for some reason I can't sleep much tonight, but Bernie Sander and Ted Cruz should both drop out but for some reason they both stay in. Arizona went to front runners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The results were heavily in their favor though curiously Trump still could not cross over fifty percent. Clinton took the victory and turned it into an impassioned speech already turning her eye to the general election but the night was far from over.

Utah managed to pull through and give light to both Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz. Sanders won in a landslide and Cruz did as well. Trump actually came in third in this state. It's an dramatic switch from a state nearby Arizona but if I remember the West correctly, it's a hell of a lot more space than it looks on a map. Utah will keep both candidates in the race to challenge the frontrunners but surely won't be enough to put them over the edge. 

Idaho had already gone to Ted Cruz early in the primary season but Bernie Sanders claimed a victory there as well. It seems that some states are frontrunner states and others support the conservative or liberal movements of the party, a very interesting thing to look back on once this is over. That gives Sanders two states tonight and though it is late, he can claim Tuesday night as a victory. Ted Cruz is hoping for a brokered convention so he needs to gather as many delegates as possible to maintain influence when it comes time to fight back against Trump.

Before I get into the responses from the candidates on the the Brussels attack, I wanted to look at the strange fight going on between Cruz and Trump. Apparently a Super PAC used Trump's wife posing for GQ magazine to attack Trump before the Utah votes but Trump tweeted out that it was Cruz and threatened to go after his wife, who was a Wall Street banker, specifically Goldman Sachs. Cruz quickly responded hashtagging Trump as classless. I think the whole debate is amusing yet I'm also wary that either of these two men could be the next president of the United States.

The attack on Brussels was the much more serious issue of the day and it depressed me to even think about it. The responses were typical for both sides with Trump coming out strong first then Cruz trying to one up him in toughness. Clinton and Sanders tried to bring reason to a conflict that does not seem to be between reasonable people. I am just curious how much terrorism and the threat to national safety will play into the general election. If more attacks continue and some here in America, then it could dominate the debates leaving behind other important domestic issues, especially with Clinton and Trump on the stage. I am really looking forward to these two candidates facing off and it appears that both sides are readying their arguments. 

There are still plenty of primary season votes left but it appears that the nominees have already been decided. I'm enjoying looking at the stuff so I'll still follow along but I don't expect much to change!

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