Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Politics: Super Tuesday

A whole bunch of states added their votes to the primary season on both sides. Watching the news tonight, I can barely make sense of which states voted and which candidate won in each state. I will do my best to make sense of a very complicated voting process with a lot of information coming out tonight.

Georgia, my old home state, decided for both parties tonight. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won handily by over forty percent with a majority reporting by this late hour. Bernie Sanders did not expect to perform well in the South. For the Republican, Donald Trump won by over fifteen percent. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio came right behind nearly tied but Cruz took second place. 

Vermont is Bernie Sanders home state and it was his first victory of the night. He won by a large margin too.  Trump beat John Kasich in the Republican party. Trump has shown strength in New England but also serves as Kasich's last stand. The Governor of Ohio will hold out and stay in the race until his home state votes soon.

Virginia was the next big state to declare early. The frontrunners both Clinton and Trump won. Clinton continued to dominate with a hefty margin. Marco Rubio put up his biggest fight early only coming in three percent behind Trump. Cruz did not perform well here.

Some of the polls closed later and I wanted to get some sleep tonight operating here on the East coast so I might come back in the morning and update, especially for Alaska.

Alabama has polls closing later but the results are in continuing the trend of the Southern states. The rebel state went for Clinton and Trump. Sanders almost didn't make it to ten percent in this state revealing his weakness in the South. Trump won by twenty-four percent over Cruz in second just above Rubio in third. 

Oklahoma dealt surprises to the primary season. Sanders took the state for the Democrats and Cruz won for the Republicans. Sander won by ten percent showing he has strength as the voting moves out West. Cruz won this neighbor to his home state by about six percent over Trump who still performed well. Rubio stuck around in third.

Tennessee did not stray from the Southern trend with Clinton and Trump gaining more victories. Cruz pulled a bit further ahead of Rubio for the Republicans and Sanders did not perform well but got more than a third of the Democratic vote.

Arkansas is another Southern state that didn't buck any trends in the voting and added another victory for both parties' frontrunners, Clinton and Trump. Cruz came in ahead of Rubio and Sanders lost badly.

Massachusetts was finally declared for Hilary in the Democrats giving Clinton her first victory in the New England states. Trump continued his Northeastern domination with a strong win over an ailing Kasich in second place. Rubio came very closely in third. 

Texas is Cruz's home state and he won the most delegates there with a big win over fifteen percent. Trump came in second for the Republicans and Rubio a distant third. Clinton doubled Sanders's votes for her biggest victory of the night. 

Minnesota added more surprises with Marco Rubio's first victory and another win for Bernie Sanders. This win gives Rubio hope to keep fighting but it can hardly be enough for him to take the nomination. This win gives even more hope for Sanders who is breaking records fundraising and will easily continue going. Cruz came in second and Trump finished in his only third place so far.
Colorado only had the Democratic vote tonight and Sanders garnered enough of his Western support to gain another win. This state gives Sanders another victory that he can use to move forward with confidence. 

Alaska was the last state of the night and only has only a Republican vote for the night. Ted Cruz took a victory here solidifying his second place standing and giving him three victories on Super Tuesday.

Summing up the total wins for the night, Trump is the biggest winner on the Republican side with six total so far, and could turn into eight if he gets Vermont and Alaska. Clinton topped the Democratic side with seven wins though Sanders doesn't walk away totally beaten with four wins of his own. It will be interesting to see how Sanders can spin this in his favor and move forward. Rubio and Cruz both got wins, though Cruz got more, and both of them talk as if they are the greatest alternative to Trump but it looks very strongly as if Trump will take the nomination no matter how in denial the other candidates and Republican establishment are. John Kasich and Ben Carson should drop out soon with their poor performances but they seem to be operating on a delusion. 

I hope to cook up a map soon to show the states going to certain candidates. That's all I've got for now but I'll be back with more analysis on Thursday with another debate!

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