Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Politics: Super Tuesday 2

Every time it seems like the race is over, strange votes come in and the results do not fit any media narrative. I have done my best to even keep up with what is happening and even as I write this, results are slowly coming in.

Mississippi was the first state to report in votes and it continued the trend of frontrunners and Southern voters. There are less Southern states to rely on in the future so the candidates that have gained momentum, namely Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, may have trouble keeping it up as the race progresses to the West. Clinton stomped Bernie Sanders with over 80% of the vote. Trump also got a decent enough percentage to claim victory. Sanders is pushing a narrative that Clinton can only win in the South though victories in Massachusetts and Nevada don't support that. 

Michigan was the other state that had both parties vote in primaries. Bernie Sanders took a close victory over Hillary Clinton and they divide up the delegates enough that the win doesn't impact Hillary's campaign. The narrative main turn against her again but she still has a commanding lead. On the Republican side, Trump continued his victories and adds even more delegates to his lead of now over one hundred. Ted Cruz did gain quite a few delegates tonight but not enough to catch up. Marco Rubio and John Kasich are really performing poorly now.

Idaho had a Republican vote tonight and that state went to Ted Cruz by a wider margin. This did give Cruz delegates and reasserts the narrative his campaign is pushing that he is the only candidate that can beat Trump if it comes down to a brokered convention. 

The Hawaii Caucus went to Donald Trump to give him his third victory of the night but honestly there aren't many delegates to make much of a difference.

There are several more debates coming up including another Democratic debate Wednesday night and a Republican debate Thursday night so I will have several more chances to continue my analysis and the effects of these results. The campaign turns to two big states next Tuesday in Florida and Ohio. These states are winner-take-all for the delegates and will give a big lead to whoever wins. Next Tuesday could be the tipping point in the election. 

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