Saturday, March 5, 2016

Politics: Super Saturday

Results keep on coming in but most of the states have been called today and the information is complex so I'll try my best to make sense of how all this played.

My home state voted on the Republican side and there was really no result that would've been pleasing but Donald Trump came out on top followed close enough by Ted Cruz that they had to wait a bit before the results were officially announced. The Democrats won't get to have their say until sometime in May.

Maine was the other state that only had a Republican vote today. Maine Democrats will vote tomorrow. In a surprise victory, Ted Cruz took Maine by over thirteen percent. I think this may have been a result of the attacks from every side in the debate earlier this week, but this show Trumps first loss in the NorthEast where he has performed strongly before. 

Kansas was Ted Cruz's second victory of the night continuing a trend of states in the middle of America near Texas voting for the Senator of Texas. Cruz can use these delegates to continue to attack Donald Trump and claim himself as the only alternative. I'm not sure fi the establishment supports his campaign enough to rally behind him. 

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sander performed much better in Kansas than Hillary and took another state to help his trailing campaign. I'm not sure this victory will be enough.

Nebraska was another victory for Sanders and only had the Democratic vote tonight. Sander performs well in middle America but fails to get the big delegates in states where voters are more diverse and this has proven his greatest weakness.

Louisiana had votes for both parties today and they fell in for the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. These victories add to the leads and momentum of the most likely candidates.

Though Ted Cruz managed to win equal amount of states, but his delegate is still lower than Trumps. Sanders will continue his campaign on the Democratic side but his wins are just not enough to help him gain support from the Democratic Party.

Super Saturday can be spun several ways but a big development from this is the continued poor performance by Marco Rubio. He has tried to spin his third and second place victories but with only one win in Minnesota, he is betting all his cards on Florida, and even then that won't help him win the nomination. Kasich is also hanging around until Ohio but he might even lose there. This political circus just keeps on spinning around!

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