Thursday, March 10, 2016

Politics: Republican Presidential Debate #12

The last Republican presidential debate before huge votes in Florida, Ohio, and other states that could tip the scales too far in one direction for the other candidates to recover, perhaps the last debate of the Republican primary season, turned out to be a rather civil last meeting of candidates that had descended into name-calling in prior debates.

Donald Trump made one last attempt to unite the Republican party around him. He received the endorsement of Ben Carson and they will try to use that as a way to gain more votes and obtain more media attention. Trump did reveal some of his old insulting and braggadocio ways but for the most part he kept it rather tame relatively speaking to his old ways. He touted his victories and his large number of supporters but he may face some competition from Ted Cruz.

The Texas Senator is the only other candidate to have a chance in this primary season. He has the delegates and tried to make a point that the Republican party is uniting around him. Carly Fiorina recently endorsed him but she didn't have a ton of votes going for her to begin with. The only flaw in Cruz's plan is that neither Florida or Ohio is promising ground but he can win Missouri and North Carolina, possibly. It doesn't look likely and Cruz would not do well against Hillary Clinton in the general election if he did win since many of his views are not very mainstream. Cruz can hope for a brokered convention and receive the support there.

Marco Rubio's campaign has imploded and even he admitted that he shouldn't have gone after Trump. There really was no chance for Rubio but he is making one last stand in Florida. If he wins there then maybe he will continue but the ninety-nine delegates still won't be enough. He has been cruising in a steady state of denial and reality will come next Tuesday.

The Governor of Ohio hopes to win his home state and then gain momentum from there. John Kasich is also out but running in a state of denial. Kasich does get credit for not denying climate change but that won't help him in his party. It will be interesting if he actually wins Ohio what that will mean for the election. I think that they are all staying in to keep the votes away from Donald Trump.

Not much went on substance wise. Many of the candidates proposed ways to work the American people harder so that they could cut taxes while at the same time increasing military spending to fight radical Islam. It was all a bit dull this time around but the results sure will be interesting!

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