Sunday, March 27, 2016

Politics: Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington Democratic Caucuses

Yesterday won't gain much media attention especially with the tragic events recently but Bernie Sanders swept three more states to attempt to mount the greatest comeback in political history. I will not hold out hope that any of these wins will mean anything but it is interesting to see Sanders chipping away at Hillary Clintons lead. 

Washington was Sanders's biggest win of the night with 65 delegates going to him but the democratic vote splits the state's delegates and Clinton gained delegates as well. Bernie Sanders performs a lot better in the West, that has been a clear trend and it is surprising that these large state wins won't carry enough weight. The Sanders campaign claims to be building more momentum than ever and hope to ride this wave to the convention this summer.

Alaska doesn't carry a lot of delegates but adds to Sanders's victories for last night. He won this very northern state by the widest margin topping Clinton by over sixty percent. This win shows that the Senator from Vermont can perform in various arena and adds to his narrative that he dominates in the West.

Hawaii added further to Sanders's delegate but Clinton campaigned in all three states so that she would not have a total loss on Saturday. Clinton only added one delegate in this state however. Both of these states far out from the lower 48 are largely supporting the Democratic Socialist movement.

Looking at the delegate count total, Hillary Clinton has just six under a seven hundred lead over Bernie Sanders with 1733 delegates. With the addition of Saturday's sweep, Sanders breaches a thousand delegates. It is surprising to me how well he has done in this election when Clinton was deemed the rightful heir to the Democratic nomination. 

April has four days of voting on the Democratic side and five on the Republican. On April 5th, the Democrats and Republicans will face off in Wisconsin, which carries a large chunk of delegates. The Republicans have an earlier vote on the first in North Dakota. Wyoming falls on the 9th for Democrats and Republican vote in Colorado that day. The 19th will have the candidates compete for the largest amount of delegates in a single state in April with New York state. This win could be the final blow for many candidates. Finally at the end of the month on the 26th, five states in the Northeast will have a say with Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in a very competitive territory!

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