Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Politics: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri Primaries

The primary season comes close to an end with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton taking three states and amassing nearly insurmountable delegate leads. 

Florida dealt the final blow for Marco Rubio. Once he lost his home state by such a large margin as eighteen percent, he had to admit that he had no chance. He put it all on his lord and savior and not admitting that he just run a poor campaign and was totally taken off guard by Trump's brash tactics. Trump added more delegates to an already large amount but still not the majority.

Hillary Clinton also took the state of Florida by a large percentage, nearly double the votes Bernie Sanders. This win continues Clinton's trend toward winning more diverse state in the South and this should be enough for her to gain the nomination.

North Carolina had similar results for both parties but except both Cruz and Sanders came a bit closer to the frontrunners. North Carolina is a curious state because it follows Southern trends but also has a unique record to it. 

Ohio allows their Governor John Kasich to continue his campaign with victory of ten percent of the vote. Kasich was able to give his first victory speech and tried to market himself as the anti-Trump to the voters that remain. He also reached out to Rubio's supporters during his speech. 

Clinton beat Sanders here by a hefty margin and this loss makes me think that he should be dropping out soon. Ohio was one state that he tried to take in the Midwest but this proves that Clinton is not just a candidate for the South.

Illinois also went to Trump and is too close to call for the Democrats but it looks likely that Clinton will claim this state as well. Both of these candidates have shown that they can win states in various areas of the country and Illinois is a great example of that. 

Missouri is the one state that bucked the trends. Right now as I'm posting, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are in a virtual tie. I will have to come back in the morning and find out who the wins. Bernie Sanders looks to have his only victory in Missouri. This state will just not be enough for either candidate to get the nomination though they will both use ti as a cry to continue their runs. 

It looks like Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nominee. Anyone who doesn't think that is just in denial. A Trump vs. Clinton campaign is going to be contentious and very interesting to watch!

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