Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Politics: Democratic Debate #8

Right after the votes on Tuesday, the Democratic presidential candidates are back at to the debate state. This time the host was Univision with cooperation with The Washington Post and Facebook.

I think it was a bit too soon to give these candidates another spotlight without much having happened but the Flint, Michigan debate was the one that was scheduled late. The hosts went after Hillary Clinton very early with questions about her loss in Michigan, Benghazi, and even her emails. Clinton deflected as she has been doing for months now, so not much was accomplished in the first segment. Sanders had to dance around a few questions so as not to outright attack Clinton while still bringing the debate back to the issues that concern him and poke at Clinton's campaign for speeches to Wall Street.

Clinton was favored in the timing as she got a lot more time to speak throughout but a lot of it was on the defensive. As this was Univision, much of the topics were focused around the Spanish speaking population of America including deportation and immigration. There were not many new policies or solutions introduced but mostly just pandering even when they brought out  citizens afraid for their freedom and children.

Education is one of the more interesting topics that they discussed. Sanders proposal to move college into the realm of high school as a free opportunity to learn but Clinton dismissed this as fantasy. A similar situation occurred with healthcare where Clinton wants to build on current accomplishments and Sanders wants to go farther with universal healthcare.

Climate change came up, and Sander came off a lot stronger because he is outright against it while Clinton still has to worry about donors. Sanders always pulls this issue back to his main topic of campaign finance and corrupt political system where the rich buy the candidates. Clinton often pushes back promising to continue the current administrations work and showing Sanders positions as too far to the left. Clinton seeks to tie herself to Obama in order to win the Democratic nomination. 

Clinton tried to get Sanders on some old statement he made in Latin America. She managed to draw applause for her condemnation of the dictators of our Southern neighbors. Sanders tried to approach it with reason but that didn't gain as much traction.

In the end both candidates are on the same side and whoever wins will face a tough battle with the other side that is in upheaval at the moment. I look forward to more fireworks tomorrow as the Republicans have yet another debate. There are some elections on Saturday but the big day that all the candidates are looking towards is next Tuesday with Florida, Ohio, and others. This campaign has been truly amazing to watch!

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