Tuesday, March 1, 2016

NCAAM Basketball February 2016

No better way to start off the month of March than with a close analysis of the NCAA Men's Basketball season right before all the conference tournaments get underway leading to March Madness. College basketball this year has been extra exciting for its unpredictable nature with a ton of teams taking the first place spot before dropping down far in the polls. Currently the Kansas Jayhawks have taken first place.

Kansas leads the Big 12, one of the more powerful divisions in the league. West Virginia is in second place in the conference but comes in the bottom ten of the polls either nine or ten with Oregon. Another team to watch for and close on the heels of the leaders of the Big 12 is Oklahoma.

Michigan State appears second in the AP Top 25 but does not hold the best record in the Big 10. Indiana holds the top spot in the division but they come in around 11 or 12 in the polls.

The Villanova Wildcats rank third in the AP Top 25. Villanova has flirted with the top spot but the Big East Conference does not hold as many tough games as the other two Big conferences. The Xavier Musketeers at number five are another team to look out for come tournament time.

The ACC is another Conference that should make a big splash with three teams in the top ten: 4Virginia, 8North Carolina, and 7Miami. Several of these teams have held the top spot momentarily. This conference also contains top performers from previous years like the reigning champion 17Duke Blue Devils, 11Louisville, and Notre Dame. I am really looking forward to watching this tournament start up next week.

As mentioned earlier, Oregon represents the PAC-12 and is followed closely in their conference by 13Utah, 19Arizona, and 25California. The SEC looks like the weakest conference this year but should definitely not be counted out with powerhouses 22Kentucky, LSU, 20Texas A&M, and South Carolina. I will be watching closely to see if any of these teams show signs of breaking out and making a run come tournament time later this March.

So excited to get into the thick of tournament basketball, one of my favorite times in the year for sports. Baseball will be initiating Spring Training and the NBA gets extra exciting. I hope to be posting about both very soon. This year will be unpredictable and fun as hell to watch!

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