Monday, March 21, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: Second Round Recap

The second round did not let up on surprising upsets and breathtaking games. I was so disappointed that my Kentucky Wildcats didn't advance against the Indiana Hoosiers, which pretty much trashes most of my remaining brackets. At least Kansas and all the other 1 seed teams are moving t the sweet sixteen. I'll continue to look at each region as I reflect back and I should have a separate post to look at the sweet sixteen on Wednesday before the next games. 


UNC showed their dominance as they beat Providence and moved forward to the sweet sixteen with a nineteen point win. UNC is a great pick to win the championship, easily the representative for the East region.
As mentioned earlier, Indian moved on to be the Tar Heels opponent. They barely won and they'll most likely be eliminated. I don't want to talk about it too much. 

Notre Dame barely made it but there was some craziness around the basket in the final seconds. I was surprised at SF Austin's performance and it would have been interesting to see them continue but the Fighting Irish will have a stronger fight against Wisconsin who upset the 2 seed Xavier at the bottom of the east.  I'll make my predictions for winners in the next post.


Kansas looked really sharp as they beat the 2014 champion UConn Huskies. I am definitely still please with my overall pick of Kansas and from what I've heard, I've got plenty who agree with me. 

Maryland also showed that the Hawaii win over California was just a first round fluke that by beating them by thirteen points. 

Miami stopped Wichita State's run from the final four. I think the Hurricanes are very powerful and even had a fun bracket that I filled out where they won. Villanova proved they can continue on as a strong 2 seed by winning over 7 seed Iowa. 


1 seed Oregon also looks like a top contenders as they beat out St. Joe's though the Hawks did put up quite a fight. Oregon looks to have a tough battle with the top 4 seed still going strong. 
The battle below will be one hell of a fight but I'm getting ahead of myself. The Texas A&M Aggies had to really struggle to top Northern Iowa in double overtime in which they had to come from behind to even have a chance. Oklahoma didn't exactly cruise against VCU and I thought they might even lose for a moment.


Not as much excitement in the West but the 1 seed Virginia Cavaliers had a little competition from the Butler Bulldogs. I think UVA is another team to look out for and I have picked them for several second chance brackets.
Iowa State crushed Arkansas Little Rock's hopes as the cinderella story but I don't think they will have much legs after this win. 

The bizarre bottom part of the Midwest Region continued to play out with some more insanity. I actually had Gonzaga going pretty far so I was happy to see them beat 3 seed Utah. Syracuse got lucky and didn't have to face the powerhouse Spartans and made quick work of Middle Tennessee who pulled off possibly the biggest upset of the tournament.

That's my take on the crazy second round. I'm going to study the bracket tomorrow then make a list of predictions for what I think will happen in the sweet sixteen. I love how unpredictable this game is but I do wish the team I was rooting for got farther! 

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