Wednesday, March 23, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament: Sweet 16 Preview

The Sweet Sixteen games start tomorrow and I am so excited about these upcoming games. The pretenders got eliminated fast busting everybody's bracket and the competition will get even fiercer in this round. The top four teams from each bracket region will face off in nightly games. With less games, it will be easier to keep up.


The first game Thursday night will be between 2 seed Villanova and 3 seed Miami. I've actually got the Hurricanes in the elite eight of my bracket so I'll be rooting for them but I have underestimated Villanova the entire way. I'm sticking with Miami in an upset victory.
The other game features the team I've picked to go all the way in 1 seed Kansas facing off against 5 seed Maryland. The Terrapins surprised me since I literally picked every other team in their section of the bracket to win so my streak is not strong. If Kansas loses my bracket is fucked, so I'm sticking with the Jayhawks.


The other region going at it on Thursday night features the former champions Duke Blue Devils facing their toughest challenge yet with the 1 seed Oregon Ducks. Duke is the 4 seed and has only face a 13 and 12 seed so far. With these unimpressive wins, I'm thinking Duke will not be ready to take out the Ducks but I'm probably totally wrong on this one. My bracket says Oregon so I'm going with that.

The other battle in this tough region is between 2 seed Oklahoma and 3 seed Texas A&M. I am an SEC fan once all my other choices are eliminated, except for Alabama, so I would root for the Aggies but my bracket has the Sooners in the Final Four so I'll pick Oklahoma.


On Friday night the teams are a bit more interesting. The 1 seed North Carolina Tar Heels face 5 seed Indiana. The Hoosiers beat Kentucky so I am definitely not rooting for them. I have underestimated UNC in this blog bracket but have them going all the way in others so I'll pick the Tar Heels.

The upsets were pretty craszy in the bottom part of the bracket leaving two teams that got shut down by Kentucky monster team last year. The Fighting Irish looked alright in the tough division of the ACC but Wisconsin has expereince. I actually picked Wisconsin to get this far but thought they would lose to West Virginia. Being totally wrong doesn't stop me from making a foolish pick in the Badgers. Wisconsin will face UNC in the elite 8 East.


The craziest regions in the tournament has maintained their 1 seed Virginia taking on 4 seed Iowa State. The Cyclones could end the Cavaliers run but I'm sticking with Virginia for this one as I have them in the elite eight for my first picks and in the championship after a few red X-marks.

Another late night game is between the strangest teams to get this far. Syracuse is taking on Gonzaga, an 11 seed against a 10 seed. I had Gonzaga in the Sweet Sixteen but that Michigan State had major repercussions for my bracket. I'm sticking with Gonzaga to move on and face Virginia.

That's my assessment of the upcoming games of the Sweet 16 but I have been so wrong already I don't know what to expect. I'm looking forward to getting back into the tournament again!

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