Sunday, March 13, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: SEC Tournament Recap

March is such an exciting time for basketball, and the finale to the SEC tournament is a perfect example of the excitement that takes place. 

Another correct prediction for me with the University of Kentucky Wildcats taking the title game against the Texas A&M Aggies though it wasn't easy. The game went to overtime and was close throughout. I'm very interested to see how both of these teams before in the national tournament. 

One thing I was wrong about was the ability of South Carolina to go farther but instead the Georgia Bulldogs took on Kentucky and lost. This conference has been the one that I have watched closely since I am a fan of both of the teams so I was pleased to see that I was able to make a lot of predictions. 

It looks like only two teams from this conference will make it to the tournament but I predict that both of them will go for, the elite eight at the least.

I'm also pleased with how so far, I've been pretty accurate with my championship predictions!

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