Sunday, March 13, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: Pac-12 Tournament Recap

Admittedly, I knew very little about the Pac-12 Conference but managed to pick the champion Oregon Ducks correctly.

Other than that I was pretty off. The Utah Utes did not fall to USC or California and faced Oregon in the championship game. Utah was no match for Oregon and got smashed in the championship game. 

The top part of my bracket was well-guessed with wins for Washington who then got stopped by Oregon and Colorado winning but then losing to Arizona. I just figured Oregon would do well with the only challenge really being Arizona. 

I just thought California would go farther but that is just the unpredictable part of this tournament. I am excited to see how many of the PAC-12 teams get into the main tournament. I know Oregon will be ranked high but I would like to see Arizona, California, and Utah all get a chance.

Only a few more games and hours left before Selection Sunday. I will do a post analyzing all of the teams in the bracket then another post to analyze the first around. A lot of basketball writing in my future! 

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