Wednesday, March 9, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: Pac-12 Tournament Preview

Another conference tournament that could have some bearing on the final NCAA tournament but tends to get left out because the games are later and teams in the West just don't get as much attention in college sports for some reason. Even I am taking my time to get to this tournament preview.

The PAC-12 is a conference that I don't know much about so a lot of my predictions will be shoddy guesswork. There are four games to start it off today so it should be extra exciting with results coming in pretty fast.

The first game at 3pm is between the Stanford Cardinals and the Washington Huskies. Washington beat Stanford in their regular season meeting and the Huskies have the better record so I'll go for them. The winner of this game will face the conference leader in the Oregon Ducks ranked eighth overall so I highly doubt Washington or Stanford will get much farther than that.

The second game at around five-thirty features the Washington State Cougars and the Colorado Buffaloes. Buffaloes have a commanding record and have chance at the big show. I even think Colorado has a chance to beat the Arizona Wildcats in the next round but I'm still picking Arizona to move forward. 

In the bottom part of the bracket and the late games at night as I mentioned are the University of Southern California Trojans versus the UCLA Bruins. The Trojans have the better record and have beaten UCLA twice so they are an easy pick for this matchup. The winner goes on to face Utah Utes and I'm actually picking USC to go farther.

The latest game that I have no chance of staying up late to watch is between the Arizona State Sun Devils and the Oregon State Beavers. This game is my one upset of the night with Arizona State going forward. The winner will fall to the California Golden Bears however.

The later rounds will have great matches like the Ducks versus the Wildcats, or possibly Buffaloes and possibly the Trojans or Utes taking on California. I think Oregon will move on and California will meet them in the championship for a Ducks victory overall. I don't know much about this conference so I'm really curious to see how accurate my picks are and how the tournament actually plays out!

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