Saturday, March 12, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: Big 12 Tournament Recap

The Big 12 Tournament has concluded and the University of Kansas Jayhawks have triumphed over their opponents.

Kansas is an amazing team and could be my pick to win the entire tournament. I am looking forward to seeing them go far in the bracket though I'm afraid they will have to face Kentucky in their bracket so it will be difficult to predict the final four.

Looking back Kansas State Wildcats beat the Oklahoma State Cowboy, which I predicted and Kansas State went on to lose to Kansas, obviously. 

The Baylor Bears also beat the Texas Longhorns but could not win against the powerful Jayhawks. 

TCU managed to beat Texas Tech, which I totally got wrong. My wrong prediction didn't matter much because I figure West Virginia would move on to the next level. I picked Oklahoma as a top contender moving past Iowa State but I was also wrong about them winning against West Virginia. I am looking forward to the Mountaineers also going far in the tournament. 

I thought that Oklahoma would win since they, at one time, were the number one team or at least number two but West Virginia showed their strength.

Overall, I'm looking closely at Kansas as a champion this year. They have stayed on top for a long time. This was the first tournament I have looked closely at and I am encouraged by my close accuracy but I'm still way off to think that I'll get my big show prediction right. I'm looking forward to more winners ahead!

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