Saturday, March 12, 2016

NCAA Men's Basketball: ACC Tournament Recap

The ACC tournament has come to a close and this was a tournament that I was super excited to watch! It turned out to be a very cool tournament and the championship was very cool to watch. 
The North Carolina Tar Heels turned out to be the best team in the division and will be another team that I predict will take a place in the final four. 

Looking back, I was right about NC State moving forward against Wake Forest to face Duke but Duke winning that face off. I was overestimating Duke's performance and they lost to Notre Dame. I also got Pittsburgh win right and predicted correctly that UNC would win over them. The UNC versus Notre Dame game was lopsided toward UNC. 

I had paid more attention to this bracket and was pleased to see that I got a lot of predictions right. The one thing that I got wrong was FSU's performance. I don't like the Seminoles and shouldn't have thought they would do any good. They are more of a football college and even in that sport they're not that good.

I knew that UVA would face North Carolina and I picked the Tar Heels to win. I think the Cavaliers will be a really good in the big tournament and will take them as going far.

This was a very cool tournament with a lot of teams that I really like. I look forward to seeing how the teams that get selected perform in the big show!

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