Friday, March 4, 2016

Movie Review: The Other Side of the Door

Horror movies have come up with an interesting trend in 2016, possibly not a new one, but it is an awful one. The producers have decided to take actresses from popular shows, namely The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, and put them in a foreign country then throw in a bunch of jumps scares and scary special effect faces and voila, another crapper out the ass of Hollywood so the masses can eat more shit. Us horror fans are gullible and easy to please but I'm not sure why the addition of horror means the absence of plot since nearly every month I read great new horror coming from clever writers with new twists and prescient plots. 

This movie was one of the worst with Sarah Wayne Callies, Lori Grimes of TWD, a pretty awful actress. She was one of the worst parts of the first few seasons and I was just fine when she exited the series, spoiler alert but if you really care you would probably know by now. Callies plays Karina an American mourning mother whose son drowned in an awful car accident after moving to India. This gruesome scene was disturbing but it's all down hill from here. 

Karina gets advice from the only Indian character with any lines played by Suchitra Pillai, who should have been the main character but for some reason the producers are uncomfortable with anyone but dumb American leading the plot. Of course this character is disposable and can't survive the cliche horror. It isn't as if Sarah Wayne Callies is a pull, the reason viewers see movies like this is for the scares, not the actresses who are having trouble finding employment after their one break. 

This movie preys on the same fear that has propelled Trump to the top of the polls. Several scenes just show everyday life in India but in a scary way, because you know, Indian people are scary. This awful portrayal doesn't even utilize the beauty and depth of culture for shame. I'm guilty of some pretty terrible writing but I'm curious who let this movie get produced. 

Overall pretty bad, but I did get scared at a few moments. For all the cultural insensitivity and leaps of logic, there was a very creepy old lady gatekeeper of death or whatever, that crawled around like the girl from the Ring. I've seen it before but it creeps me out every time, I'm a sucker for those jump scare and my girlfriend makes fun of me for yelping. 

Looking forward to more horror in 2016 there is a third Purge and a second Conjuring. The Witch has been the best so far and that is saying much for the state of horror these days. They need to hire some new writers and get some new producers to make these films more entertaining and engaging. Us horror fans deserve that!

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