Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Movie Review: London Has Fallen

Considering the state of American politics at the moment, it is no wonder that movies like this get made with a such a nonsense message. At least, the action had some positive qualities. There is one especially cool scene when Gerard Butler's character Mike Banning storms a terrorist stronghold and the camera doesn't cut for a while. 

The movie doesn't rely much on the fact that it is a sequel and I don't think there was much more than a vague single reference to the preceding movie. The movie also doesn't take much time to develop a back story for the main character so I guess that's what they figure the first movie did already. They throw the president and his loyal secret service agent into the action rather quickly and it only slows down temporarily at times.

The interesting thing about this film is Iranian director Babak Najafi, and like I said, he deserves some credit for that awesome tracking scene. The story actually takes some time to develop the villain and criticize America's drone policy before devolving into action nonsense.

I have to say that I am a sucker for action movies and have always found the fake special effects of destruction entertaining. They do not hesitate to blow any popular London landmark to bits in the initial attack. It felt like after that, they ran out of money and had to settle for a lot less.

Aaron Eckhart was the same old thing he's done in various other films so nothing special as he reprises his role as the president. I do with there had been more screen time for Angela Bassett and Morgan Freeman and was also happy to see Jackie Earle Haley popping up in a tiny role. 

Overall this movie was pretty much a disappointment but it satisfied the action requirements and has that one cool part. If you like explosions, absurd nationalism, unmemorable villains, and unbelievable action, then this movie is perfect for you. These writers need to bring back the complex and cinematic bad guys deaths to help top off these action spectacles. I give it a four out of ten!

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