Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Movie Review: Gods of Egypt

This movie seemed poorly planned from the beginning and I couldn't convince anyone that this movie would be worthwhile to see and even I was reluctant to purchase a ticket, hence my review coming so late. The first issues that popped up once the preview debuted was the lack of diverse characters in a setting like Egypt. The casting was a foolish choice for the film and really didn't add anything, actually adding the setting as Egypt simply didn't make sense since this was an otherworldly place that would have suited the plot much better to be set off world. Still the casting needs to change on all these movies.

Overall the acting wasn't so terrible but what is expected from the stock cast. Gerard Butler continues to copy his success in 300 with much less fanfare this time turning it into a villain role. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau reprises the role he plays in Game of Thrones as a rich playboy, or rather a God in this instance. From his first appearance, it is clear that the awkward sizing of the Gods to mortals was a special effect that they just couldn't seem to pull off. 

Brenton Thwaites looked to be enjoying himself as a young thief named Bek that is able to outsmart anyone. He is too perfect and though a crooked thief does not exhibit any flaws. Bek's romantic interest, a classic damsel in distress is Courtney Eaton (Mad Max Fury Road) as Zaya. Her storyline was regulated to a backseat, or the underworld. 

There were some interesting supporting cast members like Chadwick Boseman as the God of Knowledge, and Elodie Yung as the God of Love. I look forward Boseman and Yung both joing the Marvel universe as Black Panther and Elektra respectively.

Looking past the cast, the special effects did get better when the Gods transformed into giant beasts and such. There was an especially cool part with Geoffrey Rush as the God of Light, Ra, riding on a ship in the sky while pulling the sun behind him and fighting off a giant storm monster.

The plot was typical and simply used to set up the next action set piece. There were a few surprises and camaraderie between the thief and God of air Horis was fun to watch. i do hope that the studios start to change their cast decisions and since this movie bombed there probably won't be much like it. The other issues is the lack of success of an original story will not add to more original stories getting produced. This movie is easily passable and I give it 5 out of 10!

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