Sunday, March 13, 2016

Movie Review: The Brothers Grimsby

Sacha Baron Cohen has turned from his trickster mockumentary films to scripted comedy with another hilarious hit in The Brothers Grimsby, the hilarious tale of a man who seeks out his long lost brother  who has become a spy. I enjoyed both Borat and Bruno but was not a big fan of The Dictator, however The Brothers Grimsby had me laughing out throughout. Cohen plays the poor English brother who now has a large family and a heavy drinking habit with a side of drugs.

Cohen pulls some of the same gags he's pulled in his other comedies relying mostly on physical sex jokes and caricatures of a poor drunken Englishman. Mark Strong who plays the spy brother is all the more funny because he takes such a serious approach to all the ridiculous scenarios Cohen and company have come up with.

The story takes a real action movie approach to most scenes but then Cohen's character Nobby adds a whole new take on classic spy scenes from exotic locations to massive gunfights. The movie has some extreme moments mostly involving buttholes. There is an elephant scene that turns out extra disturbing and hilarious.

The supporting cast was great as well. Rebel Wilson also show up with another funny performance this year as Nobby's wife constantly acting inappropriate in public. Ian McShane and Cohen's wife, Isla Fisher serve as the backup team to the spy while Penelope Cruz plays a target of an underground organization.

This movie combines to genres and does a great job pulling them off to the satisfaction of the viewer. They even managed to throw in an extra funny scene with the Republican frontrunner that has caused some controversy. Overall, I think this is another great hit by Sacha Baron Cohen, one of the funniest actors of our generation! Seven out of ten stars.

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