Thursday, March 24, 2016

Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Extremely disappointed with how this movie turned out. It was boring, full of dull scenes that moved a boring, inconsequential plot forward. Batman v Superman did not deliver on the promise of the title and subtitle Dawn of Justice played out on video clips on a computer so it was not something interesting to watch on a big screen. This movie was not visually dazzling or at all entertaining, it was a poor attempt to mimic Marvel's success and failed miserably.

I am a fan and anticipated this movie since they first announced it. I prepared by looking back. I didn't cringe too much as details emerged of bad casting and alternating release dates. Even as I watched the movie I held out hope that the tide would turn and the second half would be worth the first half wait, but alas no. This movie didn't even match up to its immediate predecessor in Man of Steel and was the worst version of Batman yet, maybe a little better than George Clooney but equally silly.

There will be spoilers from here on out so I'd stop reading if you're not into that sort of thing. This movie definitely got marketed as the prequel to something bigger but I'm not enthusiastic about what lies ahead. Warner Brothers studio didn't earn it with a solid series of movies and this movie results in a very forced feel with exposition by a goofy Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne.

There is so much that I thought would pay off. Batman only actually fights Superman once in that odd looking metallic suit. The actual face off was so quick that if I had taken a bathroom break by the time I got back it would have been over. The fight was not cool or clever or fun to watch. It was slow and dull. Batman felt like a bad guy and it never changed after the inevitable team up. Wonder Woman was also stuck in and though Gal Gadot looked cool while fighting it didn't feel like she developed from any part of the plot. 

The casting was off as many of the actors from Man of Steel return like a miscast Lois Lane in Amy Adams. She does the best she can but it isn't much. Laurence Fishburne was probably the only one who gave a decent performance and I could forgive Henry Cavill since his movie got stolen. Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, and the troll from Lord of the Rings as Doomsday all delivered bad performances. Lex Luthor was annoying and Eisenberg tried too hard in the role that did not generate fear or respect.

The final fight with Doomsday was pretty dull but at least that was the best part. All of the actions scenes were nothing special. Audiences have been spoiled by recent films. There are huge scenes that are dream sequences, a montage of Superman saving people, and lines that appear in the advertisements are altered in the film. 

I don't really want to go on about this movie since I don't like giving bad reviews and thinking about the failure upsets me. The studio knows it will make money but probably not what it could have if it had been successful. The movie gives a rough start to the DC expanded universe but there is Suicide Squad to look forward to late in the summer and maybe they'll turn it around by Wonder Woman and Justice League next year!

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