Thursday, March 10, 2016

Movie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I'm a bit torn about how to review this movie. On one hand, certain parts of it were really good and intense. I jumped at moments. On the other hand, the story had some strange beats and became boring in the middle lulling me into complacency and even though it returned with a bang, it still felt like there were some unnecessary parts that could've left more for the ending.

The acting was great between John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher Jr.. Winstead carried the film but this isn't her first time in the driver's seat of a horror movie. She did well in The Thing and did well here as well. Goodman was extra intriguing as a creepy bunker builder. Most of the movie depends on the acting performances and takes place within the confines of the bunker so it's nice that the actors are quality.

This sequel does not directly follow its predecessor and a viewer can still enjoy this film not knowing what happened prior. I expected aliens from the first one and I was left waiting for a majority of the film. The cool part of this being a JJ Abrams produced film is that there was a lot of mysterious marketing and the commercial didn't give too much away. I do hope that this movie is a smash at the box office so that it can have another sequel because it looks like this movie was just a middle piece of something much bigger.

The tension was great and ratcheted up as the plot moved along but like the bunker dwellers, I found myself waiting for a long time. The director Dan Trachtenberg and scriptwriters Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken did a good job making the mystery engaging and not letting the viewer know who to trust or what to believe. 

The ending was exciting and felt like a payoff though there were some absurd moments that will leave lovers of logical story point scratching their heads. I think this movie will have loyal fans and others who will just despise it.

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