Thursday, March 31, 2016

Camp NaNoWriMo Preview

At midnight tonight, April begins and with it a new writing challenge. I am a big fan of forcing myself to throw words onto a page and seeing if a story comes out, and also I really like to graph my progress for added encouragement. This year I am using the added motivation to help jump start an urban fantasy novel about angels and demons that I have been planning for nearly half a decade but never got around to actually writing.

Camp NaNoWriMo is different from the crazy writing in the month of November as it is more relaxed and writers can set their own preferred word count. I understand that some writers may make this an even tougher challenge than the 50k that November requires but I prefer to go the easier route. This year I'm putting up 30k after successfully matching my goal of 20k last July. I think a thousand words a day should be manageable.

A relaxed attitude also applies to the write-ins, which are only every so often this month. I couldn't rouse up a lot of enthusiasm in my region so I only scheduled a few meet ups where other writers are free to join me. I do hope enthusiasm increases as the month gets underway. 

I will probably only post every once in a while about my writing endeavor next month as I should be writing fiction and not blog posting. I do hope to continue my frequent posts but I am predicting that April will be a down month from my last two busy months of February and March. I am looking forward to getting some writing done again!

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