Saturday, March 26, 2016

Book Review: Transport by Peter Welmerink

I picked up Peter Welmerink's first book in his zombie series about an HTV, heavy transport vehicle, at the Imaginarium convention in Louisville, Kentucky last year. After hearing him talk about his writing, I was curious to see how it turned out in the book. Transport is the start of what could grow into a very interesting series about a small group of military facing off against a zombie. The concept of a heavy vehicle rolling over zombies is an awesome idea and there is plenty of gore and squishing throughout this book.

The novel is a short read and didn't take much time, great for padding my Goodreads reading challenge. The pacing is fast and I would like to have learned more about the crew aboard the HTV. Even by the end I felt as if I didn't know them all and wanted to see how they interacted with each other. They didn't have much time for that since they faced tons of awful zombie challenges.

There are some very intense and cool action scenes throughout this book and anybody who is a fan of military fiction and zombies will get a kick out of it. The mission adds interesting complexity as Lettner, an evil regent responsible for bombing innocent people including the protagonist's family, has crash landed is in need of transport. Not only are the zombies an issue but the people trying to kill this scumbag as well.

Jake Billet, the leader of the HTV crew, was a fun character to read about and the Welmerink is at his best when describing a character he clearly enjoys writing about. I did have some trouble keeping up as he would switch between first name to last name to some other descriptive noun when describing characters to avoid repetitive sentences but it kept making me have to pause and remember, which character was mention. Stokes, Loutonia, and Mulholland round out the crew. I often found myself lost within the action and it would take a couple sentence to understand what exactly was happening.

There was also a lot of attention to detail when it came to setting and military equipment, which I appreciate. I always like to learn a little even if I'm reading zombie fiction. Sometimes these bits of description would slow the action down but I got a sense that there was a big world with a lot going on that should serve to play out over a series well. 

There was one really awesome part near the climax with a mutate zombie bull, probably the coolest scene in a book full of cool scenes. I enjoyed the tank facing off against a formidable foe and this made the ending very entertaining. I look forward to picking up more of the Transport series and seeing how the writing and character progress!

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  1. Thanks for the review. Much appreciated. The entire series was a thrill to write, so hopefully it continues to READ that way. :)